{Which} is Better – Adsense Or Admob full detail

As you all already know that there are two types of ways by which you can directly earn money through Google just by showing ads to Your Website, youtube videos or Applications. One is Admob and Other is Adsense but…
Many of you may ever thought that which is better Google admob of Google adsense then you are going to know about that thing in complete details, So this article is going to be really interesting as it is the topic which is not covered much and everyone is curious to know about that.

First of all we must know that how are these two different from each other although they are aproduct of google.

Google Adsense :
We use Google AdSense when we wanna show ads on our website or youtube videos.

Google Admob  :
We use Google Admob when we wanna show ads on our application.

Which is Better – Adsense Or Admob :

If we talk about which is faster way to make money : definitely it is going to be Admob because you have to Simply create AdMob account and have to get approval which you will definitely get if your application will be genuine. After Approval You can create, add you application then can start making money.
But in Adsense it takes lots of time to get Approval and make money as you have to first create website then write so much content in that then buy domain, create some important pages and then get approval or if you are trying to get Approval in youtube then you have to complete requirements that is Given by Youtube.

Now it is compulsary to talk about this point that which is Easy to use : if I talk about myself then for me it was obviously Adsense as we don’t need to learn any coding or something like that, even teenagers can learn this really easily but for Admob we need to use lots of coding to make app therefore blogging is pretty simple to do.

Investment : Now this point is really interesting because you all wants to know that which platform is cheaper means in which platform investment is less then it is admob as you have to first make app and then have to also publish it to playstore whichh requires almost 25 USD and if you don’t know that how to create app then extra charges for that purpose but in blogging there is no investment but if you want Adsense approval then you need to have Domain that you can buy at cheap rates therefore blogging is cheaper in comparision to Admob.

Popularity : This point is important because you have to first think that which is popular platform then it is blogging as there you have to simply write and you can easily share your articles or can get traffic from google easily but in case of Admob you have to first Publish your application and then need to promote it by self or by paying someone else for promotion.

Earning : Last but not the least point that we are covering in this article is that which is better to earn then obviously it is Admob because there you easily get users who open your App daily but in blogging your website may or may not get traffic daily and you have to continue writing article daily but if you use admob then you don’t need to worry about any work you simply need to invest and start earning.

So guys these were some Points after which we came to conclusion that earning is done great in both the platform but there is one difference that you will observe between them is that in Admob you don’t need to do much hardwork because after getting some active users to your application you can start making money but inn blogging you have to be regular else you can be in problem.

Hope you enjoye article : {Which} is Better – Adsense Or Admob full details

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