How to Daily get New Topics for your blog website

In this article we are going to learn that how we can get a daily a new topic on which we can write an article so that you are we don’t have to worry about daily new topics for our blog.
Many of you may be facing problem after writing so many articles that you are not left with any more topic on which you can write a new article so there are many of you face the problem of not getting any new topic so that problem will be solved through this article so read this article carefully because it is going to be exciting.
Basically the tool which we are going to use will be only a product of Google that means we can get as much as topics we want and that are also even trending so this article will be definitely helping you and those of you want to get daily a topic like this everyday then definitely allow notification from our website because it will be very helpful to all of you because whenever we are going to write any article then you will be getting notified so that you can easily enter to Our article and read it and that will definitely go to help you.
So the tool which we are using is Google Trends that you can find on Google simply go to Google and search for Google trends on the top you will get a website cal Google Trends simply open that.
As you all are going to enter that website there you will find option from where you can get country from which you want to traffic, it will be on default selected as United State but easily change that so you don’t have to worry much about that but as you all know that Google AdSense pays much two countries like the United States therefore I am not going to change it but yes if you phone to change that you can definitely change that totally depends on you.
Now there you will find option of three-line to simply click on that three-line option and there you are going to get topic of trending searches for simply click on that option of trending searches as you click there you will find many articles on which you can easily write articles and these articles are those which are trending on top so you can definitely write on these articles but if you think that these articles does not belong to your blog then there is one more option through which you can change the category of trending articles.
To change the category simply click on the option of real time search trends after clicking on that option you are going to find another option of all categories simply change as per your wish for example if my blog is related to technology than I am going to simply change to technology mission of Science and Technology, so I am going to sleep that I am only and only going to get those article which are related to Technologies or you can say science.
After researching these articles you can also read articles by all the top websites which are ranking on the top and then you can get an idea of the topics on which you can write articles this tree is used by many bloggers you can also use this trick as in Google Trends all trending articles are there with category wise collection so you can definitely use it and can easily get huge traffic through this trick, so I hope you would like this article.

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