How to Fix valuable inventory : Under Construction

Fix valuable inventory : Under Construction

All of you want to add extra money to your wallet just by typing and for that you start going researching and hard work but even after that You guys fail to make money through blogging because of Some errors and one of them is Valuable inventory : Under Construction which is a really serious issue and the Reason behind this is that without fixing this error of valuable inventory in Google AdSense You won’t be Able to Make money through blogging and hence Today I will help You guys to Resolve this Error so that You can start Making money as per your wish.
First we will Talk about reason for this error of Valuable Inventory : Under Construction, and then we will learn that how to fix this error so let’s start.

Reasons For Valuable Inventory : Under Construction :

  • First thing that you have to follow is that  you must assure that your website is focusing on content not on ads to earn money.
  • Your content must have some value means Your user should get the information for which he has opened your article and also your content must be original not the copied one.
  • Now most important thing is that don’t write articles about content that are violating Policies of Google AdSense if you want to know that which content is violating the Privacy then here is some content in this list below :
  1.  Writing content just by copying other websites not even by researching then your content is       not AdSense friendly.
  2.  You have Added Pages that has no content or less content and just added Advertisements.
  3.  Your content is Generated by some Kind of Bots.
  4.  Ads are added much more than limit : means content is Less but ads are more.
  5.  Most important thing is that Pages Don’t follow Google AdSense Policies

Fix Valuable inventory : Under Construction

Follow all the points that are Given Below and then Apply for AdSense :
  • Check All the Links and Articles of Your Pages that all links should be working properly and if there are some Broken links then try to fix them as soon as Possible.
  • You should try to design Your Sidebar and Footer by using things like Popular Posts, Recent Post, and other Information to engage users.
  • You should make sure that your website is properly designed including sidebar, footer, header.
  • You must try to add at least 1 to 2 Images on your every post and it is really important to do.
  • Add important pages that are most important for AdSense approval like Terms and Conditions, Privacy Policies, Contact Us, About us, and Disclaimer.
  • If You have Categories in Your blog website then add at least 3-4 Posts under them or If you can’t write much more under that category then either delete them or try to add more posts on them.
  • Don’t Add more categories, if you have added 5 categories then it is sufficient but if you have already gone adding more categories than delete category or write more articles under that category.
Pages Causing Violation : Go to Your website and simply analyse your whole site and if you think or found some content which is violating Policies of Google AdSense then simply Delete them because they will not able you guys to get AdSense Approval.
Ads on Irrelevant Pages : Do not add advertisements on Pages that are violating you have to simply delete these types of ads even though they are ranking as your main motive is to get AdSense approval so you have to remove them.
Insufficient Content : Main Reason for not getting AdSense Approval is that content is not sufficient so try to add more articles to Your website else you will never get Approval.
No. of Ads : Try to decrease now of Ads per article, if you have added many advertisements to your each page then simply decrease them because it is also something that is violating Policies of AdSense
After You have followed all the Points that I have Given you above then you simply Have to write more articles than simply wait for one Day and then Apply For AdSense approval, and I am damn sure that if you have followed all the steps carefully You will Get Approval as soon as Possible
One more thing that you need to keep in mind is that when you have Applied for AdSense simply wait don’t change any coding or Layout else You will get some other error Again.
Good Luck for getting Approval……

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