How to Apply For AdSense – Complete Guide

For making some money you want to monetize your website with Google AdSense advertisement but finding difficulty to do the same then you are at a right place because we are going to talk about topic “How to Apply For AdSense”.

Many of you may be thinking that for applying to AdSense you need to wait but that’s now true as you can apply for AdSense anytime but approval depends on your site that is it old or not, so I have cleared something that many of you think.

One more thing for bloggers is that when they are in their blogger account and click on Earning option which you can find on the left side then there is a message your blog doesn’t currently qualify for AdSense and then you guys thought before applying to AdSense you need to solve this problem but this is again a myth, in reality you don’t need to worry about this problem.

Now whatever I am telling, you guys have to read it carefully as important thing starts from now. Before applying to Google AdSense must have a Top level domain what I meant by this is that you have to buy a domain and the site which I prefer you guys to use is GoDaddy. Go there and buy any domain which suits your website but remember you have to buy a domain free one will not work and then after that you have bought the domain simply connect that domain to  your Blog.

After connecting to your Blog website you need to now fix all links that are broken or spam links from your site, as you have done this step you have to now also create pages like Terms and conditions, privacy policy, about us, contact us, and Disclaimer.
Also, you should make sure that you have at least 20 unique articles on your blog as it will increase chances of AdSense APPROVAL.

After adding these pages to your website simply go to Google and search Google AdSense there you will be asked for sign up click there and then paste your site URL and some details that they are going to provide you and follow same steps that is told by them and now your site will be Under review.
Hopefully you will Get approval but if you did not able to get approval then you can apply it again by writing some more new fresh article and if still not getting approval them it’s time to change your blogger template by these templates for full details about these templates click here :
Use these templates for Getting approval easily.

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