Google adsense is the one of the best ad network in the world.
Google adsense provide best earnig platform for youtuber; blogger;
Website etc. google adsense have best ad network in the india with high
Cpm (cost per millel) and cpc (cost per click).

Few points about google adsense:
Google adsense is providing different ads like banner ; full screen ads etc
Google have high cpm and cpc
Adsense provide good earnig platform for web developer android developer by ads on the website
Google give 68% share to user
Minimum redeem 100$
Google adsense do not allow all the website for approval
Google have guide line and out of the guide line they do not approve the account
Google adsense block the account if you use vpn or self clicking


After Google Adsense, is the best and largest contextual ad network operated by Yahoo and Bing. If you are not getting approved by Adsense, you should go for My blog was accepted in second try. It’s little easier to get approved by than Adsense. All you need is a blog with quality content and good design. Many big publishers like Forbes, NY Times are using ads. If you are searching for Best Adsense Alternative, Apply for
Contextual Ads, Display Ads, Desktop Interstitial Ads, Mobile Docked Ads, In-Content Ads
Give approval to all the users with low taffic site
Good coustemer support
Avg cpm and cpc ( lower then google adsense)
High RPM ( revenue per thousand click)
Minimum redeem 100$


Facebook ads is the third most large ad network in the world
Facebook ads are god for new user because it have good cpc and cpm as compare to other networks  you can redeem your amount in bank and paypal
It have high cpc
High cpm
Avg rpm
Minimum redeem 100$


The pop-under ad network PopCash is very much similar to PopAds in terms of approval process, publisher’s dashboard and eCPM rates. Many people find PopAds better while others like PopCash. I would suggest you to try both at the same time to increase overall revenue. Give same opportunities(ad placements) to both the ad networks for 10-15 days and find out which performs the best. Stick with the best.
easy approval process
avg cpc 0.5$ to 3$
minimum redeem only 10$
pop ads are irritating to users
payment with in 10 days


Startapp is the new ad network for Indian user they provides

Avg cpc and cpm with the minimum redeem of 50$

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