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After trying a couple of times to get AdSense Approval many of us failed to get approval or there can be one more reason that we do not want to invest on a domain for Approval or there maybe someone who was having AdSense Approval but now their account is disabled, and they are searching for a New Ad network, but they are getting fake website, so I will Tell all of you about an Ad network that is Providing a Great Rpm so You can Definitely use this Ad network to make more money.

Why Alternatives ?

Before starting article and telling about that awesome Ad network we need to also know that why do we even need Alternatives for AdSense.
Reason behind this is Really simple, although you have AdSense approval but still you need to have an alternative because we know that AdSense is Really strict and if we violate any of the policy then they will disable our account so definitely to maintain our earning through our traffic we need An Alternatives and Secondly If not getting AdSense approval or don’t have then also to make money we need Alternative and hence it is really important to Have Alternatives of Google AdSense

Alternative of AdSense :

Now friends I am Going to tell you guys about this website so that you can start making money, one important thing about this Ad Network is that it does not have Display ads.
Now many of you will think that if it will not display ads then how you will make money but that’s not true because there are many types of ads that means you can also make money through this network.
This Network Provides you pop Ads, if you guys don’t know that what is pop ads then let me tell you about this ad type in short.
Pop ads is basically those types ads that displays when someone visit your site and click on Your Web Page and as they click to your page then and Ad will occur to users Device and that is how you will make money.
First you need to join this website From here : Click me

Sign up steps :

  1. As you click on the above link a new Page will open to you and there you will find option of Register simply click there.
  2. As you will click on Register Option You will be asked for some details then fill them and Register to this website.
  3. After registration your Dashboard will get open, and now important thing comes that is to Add your site.
  4. To add site click on Website option that you will find in left side of your Dashboard.
  5. Now Add your site and Apply for its approval.
  6. You will get approval within 48 hours and let me tell you interesting fact that this website will definitely approve Your site.
  7. After You get Approval simply they will give you code and you need to copy that code and now paste these code in all those Pages where You want to Show these Ads.
These were steps that you can follow and start Earning from this Ad network.

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