How to start a blog or Website – Beginners guide for new bloggers

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How to start a Blog

Wanna earn money just by writing and working 2-3 hours at home then read this article carefully because this is going to be really important for all those who wanna make money from home just by writing , for this purpose we need to start a blog or a website so today we will learn this only. Let me first tell you one more thing that we do not need any skills of coding we just need to have skills of writing nothing else.

But before telling you guys that how to start a blog we need to first learn some basic information of blog and some requirements to start a blog.
Basically blog is a type of website where we just need to write articles on any topic in which you are interested and then your article can be seen by others.
There are some requirements that you need to fulfill to start a blog , first thing is that you must have interest on a particular topic then only you will be able to do a great in blogging. Secondly , you must have skills of writing although there is no need to learn coding.
Now I have told you some basic requirements and a small information about blog and now lets talk about the most important topic that is how to start a blog.

1. Starting

First thing that we all need is to start with a blogger account , for this purpose we simply need a google account. After creating a google account go to google and then search blogger and open that blogger website.
As you open that website login to blogger account , after that you have created blogger account there you will found option of (Create blog) so click on this option.
Now you have to simply Type Name that you wanna give to your blog and select theme that you all wants to add to your website , theme is basically design of your website so choose whatever you wanna use on your blog.

2. Domain

For creating a blog we need to have a domain which is really important because your website can be visit only with domain , if you don’t know anything about domain then let me tell you in a short it is basically URL that you are going to connect your website and when someone will type this URL then your website or blog will get opened.
If you want to know more about domain then simply you can go to google and get great details about domain.
To connect domain to your website simply follow these steps :
  • Go to your blogger account.
  • Now click on settings option.
  • On settings page you will get option of Blog Address as shown below and click on set up third party URL for your blog.
  • As you click on that option now you will you will get a new window there you have fill domain which is the only task that is left.
For filling domain you have to first buy a domain for your website and for that purpose I will highly recommend you guys to use godaddy.
Go to godaddy and search for any domain that you wish to buy and after buying your domain you need to connect your domain and for this purpose follow steps that I am telling you.
  • After you have bought a domain go to option of my domain or my products.
  • Now click on DNS option.
  • Under the record Heading scroll down and then go to add option.
  • As you click on add option you will get Type and there under that select CNAME as shown below.
Now go to Blogger and then fill domain that you habe bought like this www.(yourwebsitedomain) , here you have to include www.
Now Click on save option then new option will appeared to you.
There you will get some instructions simply follow those instruction or you can also watch videos for this purpose on youtube.

3. Content

Now here comes the most important thing that is to add some content to your website which is not tough to do , for adding content you simply need to go to your blogger account and then there you will find option of (New Post) , click on that option and simply write content that you wanna write on your website.
There are some special techniques that you can follow to write attractive articles.
First of all you can Change the Font size while writing Title on the top of your article which is really important for your website.
Secondly try to use many sub – Headings and Fonts with different colors
Thirdly try to use images as per the requirement because that will help the user to understand your article more clearly.
Fourthly try to given the information to visitors directly that means in short give full details so that they don’t have to invest much time in reading article.

4. Earning

Most important thing if you wants to earn money just by typing and creating your blog.
For this purpose you need to have google adsense account which you can create easily , if you don’t know about google adsense then let me tell you that it is ad network which  is used to earn money just by showing ads to your website but for this thing you need to have google adsense approval and for that there are some requirements that you need to follow to get adsense approval :

  • You must have atleast 15 articles that will increase chances of getting adsense approval.
  • You should add pages like terms and condition , Privacy Policy , Disclaimer , About us and Contact us pages.
  • You must also have labels.
  • Should also try to get some organic traffic.
  • All content must be under adsense policies.
After you have these requirements fulfilled then you simply need to go to your google adsense account and there go to option of sites.
As you go there you will find option of add site simply add your site and follow all the instructions as told by them then your website will get reviewed which will take around 1 week.
After you get approval then ds will start coming and you will start earning through your website.

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