How to make money on youtube without adsense

How to make money on youtube without adsense

Hello friends welcome to new and fresh article where I am going to tell you guys about a really important topic that is ” How to make money on youtube without Adsense “.

I thought to cover this topic due to the reason that is many of you do  not get monetization enabled for your channel so you guys think that you have no other ways to make money but today I will tell you ways to make money on youtube without adsense so that you guys can start earning from youtube without adsense.
Let me clear one more thing that if you have monetization already enabled then also you can try these things so that you can increase your revenue from youtube.
So all ways are given below so follow them to make money :
1. Promotion :
First thing that you can try is that you can start doing promotion if you have a channel with active subscribers and your daily views is more than 500 but if you have a new youtube channel then you cannot try this because every will promote their products with channel that are having active subscribers and daily a good amount of views that means it is applicable on channels with active subscribers.

2. Apps and websites :

If you have a new youtube channel then I have the best way by which you can start earning.
What you simply need to do is that go and create a video related to Website or Apps that are providing you guys refer earning so that by which you can earn just by refering others so you guys can try this also.

3. Google Playstore Apps :

If you want to promote app at low subscribers then you must definitely follow this , Simply go to google playstore and then open any app that you wanna promote and then find contact of owner and tell them that you wanna promote their app.

4. Affiliate marketing :

This one is my favorite as you simple need to provide link of products that You use in each video in the description box and when someone will purchase anything from that link then you will get some commission.

So these were some ways which you can try if you wannna earn money without youtube monetization. 

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  • cpa marketing expert
    November 15, 2019 1:01 pm

    Good information

  • akhil rai
    November 16, 2019 1:27 pm