How to increase youtube video views – 5 Basic tips to increase views on youtube

How to increase youtube video views

Even after doing a great hard work you guys still face problem to get views on your youtube videos  because you guys not follow smart work you just do hard but smart work with hard work is really great so today gonna share some tips with you to increase your youtube video views.
Before telling all tips we must know algorithm of youtube that how it rank videos and give push to videos then only we will be able to increase views.

If I talk about ranking of videos then it is done on the basis of Title , Description and Tags it means that you have to use all these 3 things to get your video ranked.

Title is basically topic of your videos that means whenever you create a Video then first thing that you need to do is that give Title of your video.
To give title of your video you have to first research title that is not used by many because it will help you to rank your video , for this purpose you can go to youtube and then search for title related to your video and then choose title that is ranking on top and then do some changes on that title. You should also try to write long title that will be really good to increase your youtube video views.

After you have selected title for your video then you simply need to focus on your description section, description also plays a important role in ranking of your video as there you guys write all the topics that you are covering that will help to get more views on your video by ranking. For writing description best way is that simply write topics that you are covering under topic (video Covers) in description.

Now if you have finished with thee description then focus on keywords that are most important for ranking of your video then only we will get more views to our youtube video , for this purpose we need to use a tool known as google keyword planner which is used to research keywords. So simply go to google keyword planner and sign up there after you have sign up in this yool then go to keyword planner and search for keyword related to your article as you will search there then you will get many keywords related to that keyword which you have searched.
Now from those many keywords you need to find out keywords with low competition so simply copy all those keywords with low competition and then use these keywords in your video that will definitely going to boost views of your video.

For more views we also need to focus on our thumbnail because it attracts viewer , if you will create a good looking thumbnail then definitely users will watch your video but if it is not a good quality thumbnail then surely chances will be less that user will watch your video so try to create good thumbnail , for this purpose you guys can use pixel lab that is really good for creating thumbnails.

After doing everything simply publish your video but still you need to do one more thing that is sharing of your video so try to share your video social media platform so that it reaches to everyone and chances of getting more views to your video will be increased and you  will definitely get good response.

So these were 5 basic tips that you can follow to increase your youtube video views hope you agree with all the points shared with you.

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