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How to increase CPC on youtube – Earn more money

How to increase CPC on youtube – Earn more money

Even after spending so much time on creating videos we do not get success on youtube , what I meant by success is basically success.
Although we have our channel monnetized but still we are not able to make money on that so today I am going to share some tips to all of you guys so that you can also earn great revenue through youtube so that you can satisfy yourself.
In this article I am just going to tell you guys the ways by which you can increase your earnings from youtube but at the end of the day you have to do everything if you want satisfaction so please don’t totally depend on me.
What I am going to cover in this article is basically that how we can increase CPC of ads that are showing on our videos that means if audience will watch our videos then we will earn much more than before.
To increase CPC you do not have to worry much because it is really simple to increase CPC of ads , what we need to do is basically we have to research for keywords.
To research keywords we need to have a tool and that tool which I am recommending all of you guys is Google keyword planner where we will get a detailed information about all keywords and also it is is a google product therefore its information is accurate too.
For using google keywords planner first of all we need to search on google for google keyword planner and then we need to sign in so simply sign in to google adwords and then open google keyword planner.
As you open google keyword planner simply paste the keyword that is related to your video ,For eg :
I wants to create video on topic “How to make a blog” then I will simply copy this keywordand then paste on google keywords planner , after I will paste it then I will get many keywords related to this keywords so now you have to follow same thing as I am telling you.
Now from those keywords that you are getting select keywords with Low competition and high CPC , Reason behind selecting keywords with low competition is that just using keyword is not enough because if you will select a keyword that is providing a great CPM but competition is high then it will be difficult for you guys to rank your videos and get views on videos so don’t forget to select keywords of low competition.
After you have selected keywords , create a video and before publishing video simply go to edit option and their try to use keywords that you have selected in the title and description , after writing title and description you need to add keywords.
Adding keyword is the most precious thing , for this try to select keywords with High CPM and also related to your video so that your video do not come in list of spam so be aware of this , Use keywords that are relevant not those that are just providing high CPM.
So this was all about Increasing CPC of ads that are showing on your videos but still you may face problem that your earning is still low so for this problem also I have solution so don’t worry for that also.
As you know that more ads on  a single video means more earnings through one video so what I meant is that you need to create videos more than 10 minutes so that you can add more ads in a single videos so this will definitely increase your earnings. For this purpose you must also use mid rolls that are really good for earning.
Now you have more ads with High CPC but still you have to follow one more thing that I am explainging to you right now and its really crucial so follow this then only you will get some profit.
As you know that whatever ads you are getting those ads are given to google and google show those ads on your video  and then pay us for showing those ads but you may have noticed that sometimes ads do not came to your videos specially at night . Reason behind this fact is that there is limit of ads by small advertisers so at night ads are less therefore earnings is also less.
But in morning ads are more so revenue is also more so if you publish your videos at night then start publishing it at morning or at after noon so that you can get more earnings by your videos and this is something that very few knows so definitely you can follow this trick.
One more benefit of uploading videos in morning is that competition is very less during day time but with the coming of late night competition increases.
So these were some of the tips to increase your revenue through youtube and if you will follow these then definitely you will earn more.
But let me tell you one more thing that earning on youtube is not just by adsense you can earn through youtube in many other ways so if you wants to know about this in detail then follow this article :

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