Which is best web hosting for website

Which is best web hosting for website

Hello friends welcome to the new and fresh article where we are going to talk about the best web hosting that you can use for your website.

first lets talk about some details of web hosting , if you are creating website in wordpress then definitely you may know about web hosting but if you are new to wordpress then you should know about web hosting , basically it is storage that is used to store content of your website that means if you will not use web hosting then your website can not be seen by public so web hosting is really important but if you are using blogger then you do not need any hosting because they provide hosting for free.

I have told you about hosting but you must also know importance of web hosting , as alreaady I told you that without hosting you could not publish your article to internet that means you defiitely need hosting to create your website.

So this was importance of web hosting but now we must talk about types of hosting too…

Free hosting :

Web hosting where you do not have to invest any amount of money that means free of cost.

Paid hosting :

Web hosting where you have to ivest some amount of money that is paid hosting.

Free hosting vs paid hosting :

If we talk about which is better then let me tell you a simple fact that it depends on traffic of your website , if you are getting low traffic to your website that means you can use free hosting or paid hosting any of them but if you are getting high traffic to your website then definitely you could not use free hosting as your site can get crashed because of using free hosting so I will prefer you to use paid hosting in this case.

Best and cheap web hosting that we can use :

Now here comes the most important topic that which hosting is best and that too which is providing  it at cheap rate , So for this my answer will be pretty simple and I am giving this answer after researching so definitely you can go through this hosting provider , so I will prefer Hostgator hosting provider that is providing best hosting at cheap rate but if you want both domain and web hosting at once then you can go through Godaddy.

So this was article about hosting hope you understan !

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