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How to apply your blog or website for adsense approval

How to apply your blog or website for adsense approval

Hello friends so today I am going to tell you that how could you apply your blog or website for adsense approval very easily so lets start….
So guys first of all you must create a blog that many of you must have but if you don’t have any blog then create it , Now I am assuming that you all must have your blog after that simply go to google and simply search for youtube then simply open youtube.
As you guys open youtube you should now create your own channel as you create your own channel then go to creator studio that you will find on the top right corner of your desktop screen.
When you will enter your creator studion then scroll down and go to classic creator studio there you fill find option of channel now simply follow all the steps given their , in the second option you will find that they are asking to create google adsense account so you must create adsense from there.
When you will follow second step then they ask for some personal inforamtion that you can give and proceed and after 24 hours you will see that your adsense account is activated.
Now you have your own Adsense account   so what you need now is that you need to connect this adsense with your website , that is really simple so follow all the steps given.
  1. Go to your adsense account and then go to option of sites , as you click on that option you will option of add site simply click on that option and then fill main domain of your website or blog , as you fill domain then click next.
  2. After clicking on next you will get a code they will say that you have to paste this code between <head> and </head> so simply go to blogger account and then click on theme option.
  3. As you click on theme you will get a new page there you will see option of edit HTML so click on this now a window with a lot of coding will pop up but don’t worry it is easy to paste code.
  4. Now click anywhere on the screen of coded box.
  5. Now Press ctrl + F on keyboard a search box will appear so simply type there <head> and press enter , now  you will get the location og <head> So paste the code given by adsense just below this tag and click on save theme.
  6. After you click on that then go to adsense again and click submit now your website or blogger is submitted to adsense now they will review your site .

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