Blogging tips – Mistakes done by new bloggers

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Blogging tips – Mistakes done by new bloggers

Hello friends welcome to our new article where we are going to talk about the mistakes that new bloggers do , so this is going to be really important article for all those bloggers who are new in this blogging industry .

When someone joins blogging he or she first think about earning that means first question that comes in their mind is that “How can they start making money on their blog” although they don’t even know that how to create it , So in my opinion this is really a big mistake that many of us do as a beginner. So I have given some points in which I have covered steps that you could follow as a new blogger.

Important points for new bloggers :

  • First focus on your blog and then focus on earning this is primary thing that you must remember.
  • After creating your blog then definitely focus on design of your website as it isi going to attract user attention.
  • After you have finished with designing part then you need to have a gooq quality content so that your website can be easily ranked.
  • To rank your website focus on keywords that you are using , I prefer you to use low competition keywords and if you dont know that how to research for low competition keywords then click here : How to research low competition keywords
  • Now everything is set what you need is that continue writing posts or articcles to your blog and whn you reaches 20 posts then app;y for adsense if you don’t know that how to app;y for adsense then click here for details : How to apply for adsense
  • If you will have good quality content then you will get adsense approval easily and now you can run ads on your website so that you could start earning money through your blog.

These were steps that all bloggers must follow so that they don’t do any mistake in their blogging career , although this is a long method but is really helpful.
If you will folow these steps then definitely I am sure that you could do great in blogging industry as these are used by many professional bloggers who are doing great in this indusry.

Conclusion :

In my opinion if you are starting bogging then don’t think for money , just think for cotent that you are going to publish on your blog because if you will have great content then earning money through your blog will be pretty easy so focus on content.

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