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Why to choose .com domain not others ?

Why to choose .com domain not others ?

Why to choose .com domain not others ?
Why to choose .com domain not others ?
Hello friends ….
Today in this article we are going to talk to about a very important topic for all the bloggers that is why to choose .com domain not others . It is really one of the most asked question by bloggers as many of you have seen that all top class bloggers prefer to use .com domain not other domains therefore we are going to discuss about all the reasons , so lets gets started without wasting any time.
Before just telling you guys about reasons let us first know that , why domain is necessary. 
Since most of you have joined blogging to earn money and to earn money you need to get adsense approval on your blog or a website , for that approval the most basic thing is that you guys must have a custom domain , it can be any domain (most preferably .com )
Now lets talk that how to choose domain for your website as it is really important. For choosing domain of your website I will prefer you to have domain that is including your site name but many of you guys must have got stuck while choosing domain for your website as sometimes you don’t get the domain that you wish to add on your site.  So what  you simply need to do is that change some of the letters.
For eg : I want a domain but it is not available , so what I am going to do is that I will change domain to Hope you understand what I wanna say.
So it is time to cover the most important thing that is why to choose .com not other domain , all the reasons will be based on my experience and opinion but they will be genuine.
  • If you guys have .com domain then it will be really easy to get adsense approval on your site by doing less effort as compared to other domain , I will again say that this is my opinion so don’t take it much seriously , if you don’t have much budget then definitely you guys must choose other cheap custom domains.
  • Next thing that I would prefer is that your site will be easily get ranked if you have a .com domain because google prefer to rank site that have .com domain as this domain is mostly taken by serous blogger that means their site will have much more better content than other sites. This is an applied method so you guys could also use it.
  • Traffic will be more if you choose .com because human tendency is that they prefer to open sites with top level domain like .com because they though content will be more better and they can gain more knowledge.
For eg : If you searched on google that “What is blogging” then there you will see many site but you will prefer to choose site that is having .com domain not sites that have somehow low level domain.
Also you have realized many a times that when you search anything , you get sites with .com domain on top mostly so that how .com domain impacts traffic and ranking of your site.
At the end I would prefer you to choose .com but….. If you don’t have that much budget then definitely you may go with other domain because domain does not matter if your content is great as content is the king.

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