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Why to choose Adsense for earning money ?

Why to choose Adsense for earning money ? 

Hello guys ………
Today I am going to talk about a really important topic that – “why to choose Adsense for earning money although there are many more ad networks”
This topic is really important for all those developers who wanna earn money by showing ads.
As you know that there are many ad network but still most of the developers use Adsense only , have you ever thought reason behind this – If your answer is No then read the complete article.
So there are infinite ad networks including both that are genuine and fake too but everyone try to get Adsense approval only, because of the following reasons :
Trust : Since you that adsense is really one of the oldest company of Ad network and every time it pays it users and that too on correct timing. But of you choose other ad network then you may feel some problem in getting your payment on time or even some time you won’t get payment.
Revenue : As you know that adsense is a premium ad network so therefore you can get high quality ads through adsense although it is not possible to get same revenue from other ad network till the time they also have high quality and high paying ads.
Long term : Since other ad network easily get down due to loss so their company get shut down but Adsense is big company so to earn money in long term we definitely have to use adsense as this company can never get down.
Famous : Adsense is most popular ad network so everyone prefer to choose adsense only/
So these were some basic reasons because of which everyone use adsense to earn money .
If you do not get Adsense approval then also don’t worry you can use other ad networks also but remember that adsense is best and no other company can beat it.

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