What is web hosting and its importance

What is web hosting and its importance

What is web hosting ?

It is basically a service for websites , these are used to store , host your website on a special computer known as server.
By using a hosting , your website could be easily searched , when a user will search address of your website then he or she will be redirected to your website through servers.
You can also say that it is a place where your site is stored means an online storage.
Just by using web hosting you could not access to site , for making your website available on internet , you guys have to also use a domain. If you have a domain then you could use on the hosting else hosting website will help you to buy domain for your site.
It is really important service for all the web designer as it controls speed of your website and many other things also , hence I have provided a detailed information below so that you guys get to know everything about web hosting in a single place.
If you are a web designer or wants to create your website then web hosting is that service which is mandatory for you guys else you will not be able to search your website.
Also we are going to talk about types of hosting , where we are going to know detailed information about free web hosting and Paid web hosting.
It really plays an important role for your website performance on the basis of user experience. You must have found that there are sites that are slow so what you guys may do is that you exit from those slow site due to slow performance. Although when you visit site that is fast then definitely you spend your time on that website so that’s how it is important.

What is web hosting used for ?

Web hosting is used to make your website accessible to world that means your site will be now available on internet although you must have a domain also to make your site access by everyone , if you already have a domain for your website then don’t worry they will help you to add that domain on their hosting and if you don’t have domain then they will help you to buy the domain for your website and also help to add that domain on hosting.
Web Hosting is an online service that is providing a way to host or store your site on their server , basically it is an online storage system.
It is also used to boost your website as speed of your website totally depends on your hosting and if you choose fast performing hosting then definitely user interaction will be more on your website so I will definitely recommend you guys to buy a hosting that is fast.
It can be used to rank your website on top pages as speed also plays an important role in ranking of your website , you guys must have seen that only fast websites get ranked on top.

How does it work?

It is really easy to use , you simply need to do is that go to any web hosting website then you will be asked to sign up.
So sign up and then go to dashboard there you will see plans like professional , business , etc. Choose any one of these plans , Plan depends on your performance of website.
Basically what I mean by performance is that if your daily daily traffic is really very high then you must choose profession and if traffic is low then you can choose other plans.
If your traffic is high and use cheap hosting then your site may get stuck so definitely choose best hosting so that you don’t face this type of problem.
After you choose your plan then simply connect your domain with this hosting and if you don’t have then I will prefer you to buy it from godaddy because it is trusted website.
After you add your domain to this hosting then you will be able to access to your website.

Types of Web Hosting :-

There are two types of web hosting – Paid and free , so we are going to talk about both of them with detailed information.
So lets first know about free web hosting :
Free web hosting is for beginners as they could not invest in the beginning but I will never recommend you this because your site may get crashed when more traffic will be coming to your website , So definitely you must use paid hosting if you could afford that hosting.

Paid web hosting :
I definitely recommend you this type of web hosting because your site will never get crashed and your site will be also very fast that means users experience will be more and your site will also get ranked easily because most important thing in ranking of your website is that user experience must be good that means hosting should be fast.

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