What is organic traffic and how to get organic traffic to your blog

What is organic traffic , get organic traffic to your blog

Hello friends , today we are going to talk about organic traffic , importance of organic traffic and how to get organic traffic to your blog/website easily without doing much effort .

So first of all lets talk about organic traffic, basically in simple terms it is traffic that you get indirectly means you get traffic from search engine not by sharing your article.

For eg : Some user searched about a topic realted to oyur article and then he / she open your article then this traffic will be counted as organic traffic not direct traffic.

Organic traffic is really important for all the bloggers but getting organic traffic is really somehow difficult as compared to direct traffic because you need to learn SEO that will take a lot of time for you guys but if you succeed in doing SEO then you will be easily able to get organic traffic that means your site will be boosted and will be now ranked easily as organic traffic plays a really important role in ranking yof your site.

All bloggers try to get organic traffic but as I already told you that getting organic traffic is somehow difficult but still I am gonna tell you that how you guys can get organic traffic to oyur website.

So here are some tips that you could follow that will help you to get organic traffic:

  1. You may have found bloggers that does not even get a single views on their website the reason behind that is that they don’t write articles on regular basis , so you all must try that you write daily articles or at regular interval this is really important so don’t forget this point.
  2.  There are many who find difficult to get organic traffic although they write daily write articles , have you ever though the reason behing this fact ? – reason behind this is that they do not write big article , they write article of about 200 words not even 500 words so you must try that you should have atleast 500 words in your article and if you are able to write 1000 words then definitely you will be able to get more organic traffic.
  3.  Learn SEO because it will hepl you to get more organic traffic to your blog because in SEO you are told how you could rank your website and ranking your website is really important to get organic traffic so try to learn SEO.
  4.  At the end I would prefer you guys that if you do not even have SEO skills then also don’t worry just focus on your content because content is king and nothing can beat a good quality content so focus more in your content.

If you are not getting organic traffic to your website then you culd definitely try tips that are given above so that you could get organic traffic. 

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