What is micro niche blog and how to start micro niche blog

What is micro niche blog and how to start it

Hello guys , today we are gonna talk about micro niche blog that what is it , what are benefits of micro niche blog and how to start  as micro niche blog. So lets begin as it is really important topic that we are going to cover today.

What is micro niche blog ?
Many of you guys must have heard about niche blog that is basically a blog realted to a particluar topic ,for eg : You have knowledge you sports but you are focusing on cricket only then your blog will be called as niche blog of cricker so similiarly blog that is realted to a particluar topic like you have knowlege of sports and you have more knowledge of let say cricket but your article is mainly about cricket bat then you blog will be said as micro niche blog of cricket basts.

Benefits of micro niche blog :
As you may know that niche blog are really good for ranking your website as compared to a general blog and also helps you to easily get adsense approvcal so similiarly micro niche blog will be more beneficial , it is going to boost traffic of your website and also your article will be ranked easily in less time so many bloggers are shifting to micro niche blog because of following advantage.

Problem in micro niche blog :
Since micro niche blog is related to a specific topic therefore you must have a deep knowlege of that topic else you would not be able to grow your your micro niche blog , you may even found difficult to write a new article so be careful before starting a mocro niche blog that you choose topic of which you have a great knowledge.

How to start it :
It is really simple to start because you don’t have to do anything different in micro niche blog , what you need to do is you have to focus on a specific topic of which you have a great knowledge and then you could easily rank your website and can also create moicro niche blog easily.  

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