What is google doodle and its importance

What is google doodle and its importance

Hello guys today we are going to talk about some interesting topic that is “what is google doodle” and “Why was it launched”, so lets explore this topic.

What is google doodle ?
As you know that there are 365 days in a year and there are many important days that is really difficult to remeber so google developed a tool through which we could know that is there any important day today or not , you can find google doodle whenever you open your browswer and go to google search engine then there you will find image that imlies that today is some special day and hence it will also help you to remeber the day .

Important of google doodle ?
Now many of you must have a question in mind that why google doodle is used , so let me tell you importance of google doodle.
So as you know that there are many people who are really hard working and they don’t even have time to see date or day , so for those type of people google developed google doodle so that they are still updated and they could also know that what important day is today.

For eg let us asume that earth day is there so when you will open google then you will find image of earth and when you will click on this image then you will see a detailed information.

Google doodle also increases knowledge of people and in my opinion google doodle is something that everyone should know about and also should be used properly so that we get updated

History of google Doodle :
Lets talk about first google doodle – it was of burning man festival of 1998.
Google doodle was developed by Larry Page and Sergey Brin

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