What is Admob and how to earn money with it ?

What is Admob and how to earn money with it ?

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Today in this article we are going to talk about Admob that is also a way to earn money online easily without doing much effort so read all the given inforamtion carefully to earn money through admob.

What is Admob ?

Admob is a product of google that is providing another way of earning money online just by showing ads and most interesting thing about this platform is that we don’t have to put much effort as we have to do work one time and will earn consistently a great amount of money, I will prove that this platform is really simple to use and very effective to earn money.

How it works ?

As already told yot guys that this is really simple to use , what we need to do is that simply create a app ( It can be any type of App ) and have to simply show ads on that app.
When someone will open your app then definitely he or she has to see ads so when user see those ads then you will get paid , and if someone will click on your ads then you are gonna earn much more.
By just showing ads on your app , you guys could really earn a great amount of money , You will get you payment when you will earn 100 $ through Admob and you can withdrawl your money on monthly basis.

Step By Step Guide : 

1. First of all go to google and search for Admob.
2. Now open Admob and create account on Admob.
3. When your account get activated simply Add App.
4. Give dtails whatever they ask for.
5. Now create ad unit for your app and use these ad units in your app.
You guys can see all these steps on youtube if you want a tutorial then youtube will be best for you guys.
6. After create your App and using ad units , you will start earning.
7. When someone will open app then you are gonna paid for that and your earning will be more if users click on ads.
8. When your account will reach min withrawl that is 100$ then you can withdrawl your money and will get paid on monthly basis.

Security and Privacy :

1. Do not click or see your own ads.
2. Do not use much ads on a single page or with no content.
3. Control your CTR that means your ad should not be clicked more than 50 times per 1000 impression that is 5% CTR.
4. don’t force users to click on ads.

If you are caught doing any of these violations then your account will be disabled.

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