Things that you must remember as a blogger – Blogging Tips

Things that you must remember as a blogger – Blogging tips

Things that you must remember as a blogger - Blogging Tips
Things that you must remember as a blogger – Blogging Tips
Hello welcome guys , Today in this article we are gonna talk about some tips that you must remember as a blogger whether you are a new blogger  or a experienced blogger because these will be very helpful tips as I am gonna share my all tips and experience with you guys.
For a blogger , the most important thing is that he / she should get traffic on their blog through search engine and it’s a dream of every blogger to get organic traffic to their blog by the first day although it is not possible. I have also experienced this phase , when I was a beginner , I though why I am not getting Traffic to my site although I was doing really hardwork.
So if you are also facing this problem then definitely you must read this article completely because I am gonna solve many your problem.
I started blogging when I was very young , I started blogging for money because I heard on youtube that blogging pays you when you write something . So I started working on it although I don’t even know that how it works and how I am gonna get paid. So you guys don’t have to do this mistake , you must first research on each and everything when you are starting something so Remember this thing.
After writing 5 articles I realized that I am wasting my time just by writing articles. So after this realization I left blogging because I don’t know anything about it and also not getting traffic and earned no money . This was my biggest mistake in my blogging career that was to leave blogging , just because I was not getting traffic and it was really a struggling phase for a new blogger when they don’t know much about blogging and also their traffic is less.
Here you must remember that blogging means you must have patience else you can never be a successful blogger so have patience because success takes time to come but when it comes your life will be changed.
Now , After leaving blogging , I heard on youtube that small kids are earning a good amount of money then why can’t I ?
Here comes the time when my blogging career started in reality , before this I was not taking blogging serious but after this fact I started blogging really serious and started researching everything about blogging.
I researched everything – How it works , How to get paid , How to earn , How to get traffic , amd everything related to blogging . Researching this takes mine 4-5 months but ……….
You must know that something that is done with a great planning gives success to you easily and in less time. So this time when I started blogging with my full determination , my website started getting traffic in just 1-2 weeks that was really a big achievement for me.
Here you must remember that do whatever you want but with a plan else doing something without a plan will never work for a long time. 
So I was getting traffic on my every post so  I thought that I must send my website for AdSense approval and then I send it for approval and stopped writing articles because I though that I will write articles when I will get adsense approval but it was really a big mistake because you must know that AdSense  Gives approval to sites that are consistence that means they give content on a regular interval. After 2 weeks I got mailed from AdSense that my site is rejected now this was really disappointing for me. So here you must remember that do work consistently , you must write articles on a regular interval not more than 5 days.
Now I started writing articles again and got adsense approval this time that was really a great achievement for a blogger and it was a time when my blogging career was changed because this time I continued writing articles regularly and then my site started ranking and Now I am able to earn money with google AdSense easily. You must remember that you must do things with full determination , focus and faith then you will definitely get success.
So these were Things that you must remember as a blogger – Blogging Tips

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