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How to research for low competition keywords for free

How to research for low competition keywords for free

Hello guys ……
Today in this article we are going to discuss about the topic that how to research low competition keywords and that too for free so read the article completely for this information so lets get started.
Lets talk that – why do we need low competition keywords ?
Many of you guys may have started thinking about this , and most of you may got your answer that low competition keyword is really important for new bloggers as ranking your website in low competition will be pretty easy as compared to high competition keywords.
So guys keywords is really important for beginners as well as for professional also because ranking your article and website totally depends on keywords , if you guys will not research for keywords then definitely chances will be less that your article will rank.
If you guys will try to rank your articles on high competition keywords then definitely you will face difficulty to rank but if you will use low competition keywords then your article will be easily ranked.
To research keywords  , you need to first have a free tool and that must be a genuine so for researching keywords I will prefer you guys to use keyword planner by google adwords , This is best keyword researching tool for all bloggers.
Now open google adwords and then sign in to google adwords.
As you enter you will see option of tools in home so simply click on that and there you will find keyword planner.
Now after opening google keyword planner , you can research for low competition keywords easily for free , For finding keywords write keyword that you wanna add to your article then you will find many keywords related to keyword that you have typed.
You will get many keywords there but you have to choose keywords with low competition so that you can easily rank your article and website.
This tool could be also used for getting keywords from other websites or articles.
After researching keywords you can add them to your website but for ranking your website and article you must also focus on content , hope you understand.

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