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How to rank your videos on youtube

How to rank your videos on youtube

Hello friends today we are going to talk on the topic that how to get more views on your youtube video , if you are a new youtuber then definitely you must read this article carefully because getting views in starting phase is really difficult because they do not have any guidance so lets begin…….
Guys I will tell mistakes that you guys do and also solution for that , biggest mistake that you guys do is that you do not use title description perfectly. I have seen many youtubers who simply create video and then upload it to youtube without adding a long description and title that is really important to rank your video on top searches so first of all try to add long title and description so that you can easily rank your video.
Many of you must have not even used option of tags because you guys think that it is not important but actually everything depends on your tags so try to add some tags to your video that are relevant and related to your video for easy ranking of videos on youtube.
Now lets talk about biggest mistake that you guys definitely do that is you create video on topics that have already millions of videos that means your competition will be more and your ranking will be less that means you will get less views so try to make videos on topics that do not have much videos.
If you get any trending topic that is getting viral so try to create your videos as soon as possible because then only their will be chances of your video to get viral else you will not even be able to get rank your videos on top searches.
Analyse the topics that have more searches on youtube and competition is also low there then you can easily grow your youtube channel and you videos will be started ranking on top searches.
Focus on your content because content is the king and if your content will be good then people will stay more on your video that means watch time will be more and if you don’t know that watch time plays a crucial role in ranking your videos then let me tell you that if your watch time will be good then your videos will get ranked more and chances will be more that your video gets viral.
So these were some practically used tips that every successful youtuber uses to rank their videos on top searches , if you follow all these tips perfectly then definitely you can aslo rank your videos easily.
Hope this article will help you in ranking your videos……

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