How to Fix Valuable Content : No inventory || Solution for VAluable content : No inventory by google adsense

How to Fix Valuable Content : No inventory

Hello guys welcome to a new and a fresh article where we are going to discuss about a very serious problem that is faced by all bloggers . you guys face this problem when you send your website for adsense approval but after few days you get a message that your website is rejected and reason you got there is of Valuable content : No inventory.
So today we are going to talk about the reasons of this message and how to solve this error or you can say that how to fix VAluable content : No inventory issue in your Adsense account. So lets get started without wasting any time……..

So first of all we must know that why this error is coming and why we are not getting AdSense approval , all the reasons are given below with some detailed explanation so read the reasons below :

  • Most common thing that we guys not follow is that we Do not add Privacy Policy , Terms and conditions , Contact us , About us , Disclaimer and you guys must know that these are most important pages in your website if you wanna to get AdSense approval.
  • Navigation system of your site may be poor that means when a user visit your site , he has to face difficulty to search for content , means you guys don’t use labels or pages.
  • Your website may have less content that means your website must have 20 Articles and those articles must have atleast 500 words.
  • You guys must have not added much articles under a specific page or labels that means if you have created a page for example : Earning then you must have atleast 3 articles under that page of earning.
  • You guys may not get organic traffic that means your website is not getting traffic directly from search engine or you are getting most or almost all traffic from social media or any other platforms.
  • Some links may be damaged , that is you have provided some broken links on your website for eg : You have to provide link of another website but by mistake you have provided link of something else that is not present any where.

So here we have talked about all the reasons so lets now discuss about solution of how to fix valuable content : No inventory :-

  • First of all you have to add all important pages that are Privacy Policy , Terms and condition , Contact us , About us and Disclaimer then only you will be able to get adsense approval.
  • Improve your navigation system that means try to add more labels and pages and your footer and sidebar must be looking good and also have some content like labels , etc.
  • Write more content , means you must have atleast 20 articles on your website that must not be copied and they must contain 500 words.
  • You guys have to add more articles on a specific page or a labels , for eg if I have a Label (earning) then I must have 3 articles under that label.
  • You must have some organic traffic to your website then definitely their will be high chances of getting adsense approval.
  • Check your website and go through all links that you have provided and one by one open all links and then check that if any link is broken then definitely fix that link.
After following all these steps , you simply need to go to all the pages of your website and article and check that you have not copied any content from other websites and also try to not give links of other website that are spam .
You guys may also get this message of Valuable content ” No inventory when you have a website related to mod APK or some crack or hacking content.
Follow all these above steps then definitely you will get adsnese approval but yes remember that you have to apply for adsense after you have written a lengthy and a fresh article.
Hope you enjoyed and this article was helpful !!

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