Top 3 Legal Ways to make money online By google Products

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Top  Legal Ways to make money online 

Hello guys..
Today I am gonna tell you all the possible legal ways by which you can earn money online , like others I am not gonna tell you about ways that are paying less or even not paying . I will just talk about genuine ways only through which you can increase your budget in your wallet. So lets get started ….
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1. Blogging :

Many of you won’t believe that you can actually earn a great amount of money through your blogging skills but let me tell you the truth that there are many people and great bloggers who are earning millions just by blogging.
You have to simply invest 3-4 hours on your laptop/PC to write articles and then have to get Adsense approval after that you will earn money whenever someone enters your site. You can check about blogging more on google.

2. App development :

Now here you have many choices to earn money like sponsorship , Admob (By showing Ads) and selling app . 
In sponsorship you will get companies who wanna promote their products through your app so you can ask them for any amount of money depends on their budget , a very good way to make money.
In admob , you have to show ads given by these companies on your application , So whenever someone uses your app then you will get money for that.
You can also make App and sell them , Demands are so much that you can earn great amount of money so you can try this too.

3.Youtube :

Here you have to make videos and then you have many choices to make money through your videos.
You can get sponsorship – Have to promote products by others .
You can show ads and earn – Monetize your videos.
Can sell your merchandise to your followers.
Hope this article was helpful!

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