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Top 3 Best Adsense Alternatives to earn money

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Not getting adsense approval although you have a great traffic but not able to earn much revenue then read this article carefully because today I am gonna talk about adsense best alternatives so that you can earn a good revenue by your traffic.
It is also Important for those users also who have adsense approval because they must have these alternatives that can work as backup for their site so this is important for users having adsense too.

Here are 3 adsense alternatives :

1. :

It is one of the best adsense alternative because you can earn a great profit as it gives CPM almost same as Google adsense but .. Getting approval is very difficult from , requirements for :
  • You must have a unique content.
  • You must have large amount of post.
  • you 90% traffic must be from countries like USA , UK .
  • Content should be in english.

2. Propeller Ads :

This ad network is very good for new sites because it does not need any approval that means no requirements to show ads on your sites , you may start thinking that if it does not require any approval it may give less revenue but in reality it gives to high cpm so you can join this ad network too . If you have good amount of traffic then you will earn very high revenue.

3. Pop ads : 

This ad network provides you only pop ads that means if some user click on any page of your site then ad will appear by which you can earn revenue but .. this ad network is also having requirement as follow as :
  • Unique content
  • Some traffic not require much
  • Some content 
  • Unique real visitors 
These were top 3 adsense alternatives you can join these !!

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