Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Release date , features and Price

Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Release date and Price

Everyone is curious to know the pricing of Samsung Galaxy note 10 for different countries and it’s release date with features therefore in this article I am gonna tell you guys about all these things so keep reading the article till end so that you can easily gain valuable knowledge about this product.

Features of Samsung Note 10 : 

Design : Most important for Phone lovers is its design so this company also focuses on its design and provides you impossibly thin design. They have used highly polished metal and touch is awesome too.
Display and camera : If we talk about camera then it is one of the best camera in smartphones with a Huge display screen that provides Dynamic view.
Ram and Processor : powerful 7nm processor and 12GB RAM or 8 GB  and both combine to Provide Awesome speed which is very important for a smart Phone users specially for Gaming  community and Streamers .
Storage : Storage not fixed – it can be  256 GB , 512 GB depends on price that you wanna give .
Battery : It ensures Galaxy 4170mAh For Note 10 + and For Note 10 it is nearly 3400mAh that means one time charge full day use .
Video recording : Now video recording is more better with the coming of Samsung Galaxy Note 10 because it provides you a new technology that somehow reduces shaking while recording.
Editing : Editing is also made simpler by adding more effects like blurring and many more , and yes by adding multiple cameras making and editing video is gone to the next level.

Release Date : 

It has been released already on 23 August , 2019 but it may take time to reach your nearby shops but you can still by it on the official site of Samsung .
If you are a phone lover who want high storage , Perfect camera and no lag smart phone then you should definitelt by this product because it covers all features .


Galaxy Not 10 
Starting at Rs 69999 ( 974.98 $ ) and provides 256 GB internal storage with 8 GB of Ram.
Galaxy Not 10+ 
  • Starting at Rs 79999 ( 1114.27 $ ) and provides 216 GB internal storage and 12 GB of Ram.
  • Rs 89999 ( 1253.55 ) provides you 512 GB internal storage and 12 GB of Ram.

Reviews : 

All reviews are awesome for this product and for most of the features customers have given 5 start rating but for pricing it is 4 star rating but my review is that price is ok because it is proving awesome features which is a good deal for this amount of money.
For more reviews details features and pricing you can visit official site of Samsung !!

Pricing for Different countries :

USA : Inside the USA The Samsung Galaxy Note 10 will cost you  $949 and the Note 10 Plus will cost you around $1,099
England : Inside England it will cost – Galaxy Note 10 (4G) for £869 from Samsung’s website right now
UK : Inside UK it costs you – Galaxy Note 10 Plus for £999 from Samsung’s website right now.

Does Samsung Note 10 have Headphone jack ?

Due to its very thin design it does not provide headphone jack Although it has many others awesome features.

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