Reasons for your Adsense account not getting approval

Reasons for your Adsense account not getting approval

Hey guys….
Welcome to new and fresh article where w are gonna discuss about the genuine reasons because of which we are not getting Adsense Approval so read this article if you really wanna get Approval through Google Adsense for your blog or a website.
First of all ask yourself : Why google Adsense will approve your Website and show its precious ads on your website and also gonna pay you for that.
If you are getting no answer then definitely you must work on your website and yes don’t worry I am still gonna tell you about reasons due to which your adsense is not getting approved by Adsense.
One more thing that I wanna share with you guys is that getting adsense approval is not tough , it is pretty easy but many of us ignore some important points therefore I have provided reasons for your adsense account not getting approval.

Reasons : 

  • Lack of content : First of all you must have content on your website then only you will be allowed to apply for adsense else they definitely going to disapprove your site that means you must definitely write almost 15 + posts.
  • Lack of important pages : Many of you guys have many articles on your website but still does not get approved the reason for this is that you guys have not included many important pages like Privacy Policy , terms and conditions , Abouts us , disclaimer and contact us these pages are really important.
  • No valuable content : Many of you guys must have thought that by copying content from other top class website you are going to get adsense approval but in reality you will never get adsense approval so never try to copy content from others.
  • Theme : Many of guys select themes that are already added by blogspot but you are doing a big mistake and you should use themes that are fast and attracts more users.
  • Labels : You guys don’t use labels that is really important because it directly impacts user experience and google approve sites that has user friendly contents.
  • Adsense Policies : Many guys follows everything but still they do not get approved because tthey violate adsense policy by creating adult content or hacking content , etc. and definitely get disappointed.
  • Lack of traffic : You must definitely have some traffic on your website else you will never get approval so If you are just writing articles without SEO then you may not get approval.
  • Free domain : For those who really wants approval they must have to invest for a domain because due to new policy of google adsense , they are providing approval to paid domains only.

These were some basic Reasons for your Adsense account not getting approval !!
If you want to get approved by adsense then correct all these mistakes that you are doing right now !

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