PUBG Mobile Pro tips || How to become Pro in PUBG mobile

How to become Pro in PUBG mobile

Hey guys…….
Welcome to this new article where I am gonna share Pro tips of mine to you on How to become pro in PUBG mobile. I know that many of you wanna rank yourself on the top of servers but that’s really difficult and need hard work and Fully Focused mind.
Let me make something clear that by following these tips you may Rank on top of servers but not guaranteed because it’s life and anything can happen at any time.
I am playing this game for a very long period of time so I am definitely able to share these tips with you guys so that you can also get a good rank.
These tips will really gonna help you guys whether you are a new player or a old player so read this article carefully.
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Tips and Tricks :

  • Use Headphones : Many of us never use headphone or use them rarely for playing the game but let me tell you one thing that without headphone you can’t tell where the enemy is and if you won’t be able to spot your enemy then definitely you may not able to survive it for a long. So we can say that using headphone is Mandatory since game can be enjoyed more and we can easily spot our enemies easily too/
  • Good network : I know that many of you get killed although you are a great player because of bad network connection , if you are having a bad internet connection then your ping will be high and your game will lag , many a times you will not be able to kill your enemies after hitting them many shots so using a good network is also mandatory.
  • Grenades : As you know that when someone is camping , we cannot rush on the enemy because we don’t know his location so we start throwing grenades but here many of us throw grenade without cooking it that is really a big mistake so try to cook grenades as much as you could.
  • Running : In running also many gamers do a big mistake that they run by carrying gun on their hand that  slow down speed of our character in the game, So you must try to avoid this mistake too and if enemy is front of you then don’t do this.
  • TDM : Play TDM ( Team Death match ) mode to improve your skills , this mode was added for this purpose so that you can increase your skill by playing this mode. Here you can try to do sniping , rushing and camping, etc.
  • Looting : You must have seen many players that they loot in open that is a mistake as anyone can easily kill them so while you wanna loot in open then simply first do smokes and then loot so that no one is able to spot you.
  • Throwables : Always carry items like grenades , Smoke grenades , and other throwable items because they really help you , specially in last two zones.
  • Prone : Biggest mistake that we guys do is that we get prone on starting although not necessary and think that no one will be able to see us but let me tell you one thing that after a certain distance of about 200 m anyone can see us in open grass so never get prone till the time it is really necessary.
  • Guns : You must carry two types of Gun – A sniper and a Assault riffle because when someone will be very far then you can easily kill them by sniping but it is really to kill the same guy by using Auto gun so try to have these guns.
  • Location : Never show your location to enemy and try to first spot your enemy before rushing directly to them else you will get killed easily so do follow this thing.

So these were some tips and tricks that you could follow to become a Pro Player of PUBG mobile !!

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