How to write attractive article in blogger

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How to write attractive article in blogger

Article covers :

how to create attractive blog
how to write attractive blog post
blog writing examples
how to write attractive blog about yourself
how to start attractive blog wordpress
how to write attractive blog and make money
how to write attractive blog post fast
blog writing format

Follow all these tips :

  • Use Images : What many of us does is that we just write a very long content by which our audience get irritated and also get bored so use images in your blog because images attract more audience than text and hence you traffic will increase and bounce rate will decrease.
  • Use paragraph : Try to use paragraph after 10-15 lines as it will make your article much better and will be friendly to your audience , you must definitely try this.
  • Use Sub – Headings : Most important thing is that whenever you write a article try to use sub topics so that users can easily understand your article easily.
  • Don”t confuse : What I mean by this is that try to use less words and give more information then definitely your article will get success.
  • Create Index : Here , you have to simply write points that you are gonna discuss in your article (This must be written in the starting of your article.
  • Exact content : Provide content for what  user open your article , this means do not write unnecessary  content.
If you guys follow these tips then definitely you will get excellent response from your audience !

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