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How to fix site down or unavailable in Adsense

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we found that your site was down or unavailable
site down or unavailable blogger
Fix site down or unavailable

Hello friends ,
Today I am gonna tell you guys that , how could you fix site down or unavailable.
When you want approval for adsense then you create a website and buy a domain because new policy of adsense says that you must have a top level domain , but… then when you send it for approval you see error message appearing that site down or unavailable.

Here are the reasons and solutions for this message :

  • First of all make sure that you have pasted your correct URL of your site because many of you in hurry paste it wrong so make sure you have pasted it correct.
  • Now check that you have pasted script provided by google adsense correctly between <head> and </head> because many a times due to some error script is not pasted correctly so solve this problem if you have also done this thing.
  • Does your site open without www or does it automatically redirect from ‘nonwww’ ( to ‘www’ ( when it is searched on google. If not, You have to make some significant changes to your Blogger settings and DNS management settings.
  • Remove the ‘Domain forwarding’, if you have set up for your site because Domain forwarding causes “https” security error and it also prevents you to redirect from non – www site to www site .
  •  If your site does not redirect from To Then AdSense will Never Approve Your site. its necessary to redirect from non-www to www to get adsense approval. So redirect your domain to www if it is not.
  • Replace your robots.txt file by the following robots.txt file.
User-agent: *
Disallow: /search
Allow: /

Sitemap: (yoursitedomain)/sitemap.xml
  • You must check that you have submitted correct URL in google search console , there must not be a single error , for eg if you have your site www.(yoursite).com then you must paste www.(yoursite).com only not (yoursite).com else they will find difficult to search your site.
Last point is most important as many of us do this mistake , what it means is that you have to be paste same domain of your site.
For my site that is , I am gonna paste this only in console else they are not be able to find your site and you will always be getting this message so follow last step properly because its most important.

Now this error will come one more time after you have followed all the steps but later they are gonna accept your site or else they are going to tell you real reason for disapproving but mainly and mostly they are gonna approve your site if you have unique content and users  .

Hope this help !!

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    September 23, 2019 1:40 pm

    Nice post