How to beat your competitive Website

 How to beat your competitive Website 

Hey  guys today we are going to know that how you can beta competitive websites for a particular article or a post.

 Let me make something clear that you cannot be that website but yes you can definitely beat specific article or a post

 Follow these steps so that you can definitely beat websites that are ranking on top 10 in Google:

1.  Before Creating your article or a post what you need to do is  that you have to search on Google for keywords that is related to your article or post and then have to go through the content of top 10 websites.

 2. After going through all the contents of those website you have to search for the weak points on those content it may be lack of images or lack of content or any other thing so you can focus on those weak points.

3.  Now the most important step is that you have to make these weak points your strong points in your article so that you can easily get rank in Google definitely going to beat those website in just 4 weeks if you would follow these tricks.

only small three steps that you will follow then definitely you will get your website write into first page of Google if you have follow all these steps.

 for ranking your website in a better place you can use this trick for all the articles and post of your website or a blog,  and then Google will  on its own going to rank your website because Google promote those websites which have a genuine content  and the user friendly content.

 Let’s take a example to understand it much better:

 so let me take  example that I am going to create a article that is related to how to delete your Facebook page:

 so first of all I am going on Google and is going to search how to delete Facebook page and  then going to go through all the top 10 website on the Google  and is going to search for free points of all those websites.

 For now the website that is on the top of Google search that is of Facebook and as you guys know that Facebook is very vast network so beating this website is not possible but definitely my site will rank easily

 I am going through this website and I found that this article by Facebook is having no images and lack of content of almost 80 words so I found this week points and going to make this weak points as strong points in my article.

 That means I am going to increase the content and explain it as easy as it is possible to all the users  by using some images too.

 Now after doing all this thing what I have to do is simply publish my article or post and definitely this is going to get a good rank on google search

 Hope you understand this article and if you follow these steps then you are going to definitely get a success in blogging

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