All requirements with explanation to get Adsense Approval

All requirements with explanation to get Adsense Approval 

Hello friends so many of you have a blog or website but facing problem to get adsense so today your all problem will be solved related to adsense approval because I am gonna tell you about all the requirement that you must fulfill for getting adsense approval.

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All the requirements are as follows :

  • First question in our mind which comes before getting Adsense Approval is that how much Posts we must write to get Adsense approval so let me tell you that approximately you must have 15+ Posts as per my experience.
  • Now you don’t just have to write post , there must be some content of about 500 words per Article or Posts so that you get Adsense Approval easily.
  • You must have a custom domain before applying to google Adsense
  • Now let me tell you about mistake which many of you does that is you copy content from other websites which are ranking and think that your article will also rank but in reality you are doing a big mistake as google supports unique content only. So you must have a unique content for your site then only you will get approval from adsense.
  • Use some images on your blog to make it attractive so that when a user enters your site then he must feel good because google ranks and approves site that is user friendly.
  • Use vocabulary which could be easily understood ,and  don’t make your users confused.
  • Submit your site to google search console so that google easily finds your site on search and if your site follows all the requirement then you will definitely get Adsense Approval.
  • Use themes that are fast means opening and closing of your site should be smooth.
If your site follows these things then definitely you will get Adsense approved !!

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