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How to decrease Ping In PUBG mobile

Guys If you are a gamer then you have definitely played PUBG mobile in your mobile phones or emulator but sometimes you face problem of high ping that means your game starts lag and you also find playing your game difficult so today I am here to share some tips with you by which you can decrease your ping in PUBG mobile and can play your game easily without any lag so follow all the tips given below.

Follow these Tips :

  • Most important point because of which you guys are facing problem of high ping is that you are having a bad internet connection or you are using a mobile data this problem could be solved by using wireless network or by using hotspot from your friend this will definitely help you to decrease your ping.
  • If your problem is still not solved then simply set your graphics to lowest if your graphics are set high because high graphics require high ping but since you are having low internet speed then you must set graphics to lowest or medium.
  • Many of you guys must have background apps running that uses your internet and thus decrease your internet speed in game and cause high ping that means your game is going to lag so you have to simply remove apps running on background so that you can play your game smoothly with no lag.
Enjoy your game just by following theses tips !!!

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