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Ad Network for bloggers that do not need any approval for showing ads on your website

As you all know that getting adsense approval is difficult for new bloggers but they still wanna earn money through their traffic so today I am here to tell you about ad network that is not as good as google adsense but then if you wanna earn money from first day of your blogging career then it is best suitable to you because it does not need much content for approval.
This ad netowrk will not be able to provide you best cpm but will increase your income through your website traffic so you must surely use this adnetwork if you are not getting adsense approval.

Features of this ad network :  

  • It can give CPM upto 1$ or more in some cases if you are getting organic traffic from countries like United states of america , United Kingdom , France and some more other western countries.
  • It gives you payment on monthly basis when you reaches its minimum redeem that is not much just 25$ that can be easiy made if you are getting a good amount of traffic on your blog or website.
  • It has a very nice and simple interface so that users can understand it easily, you guys can also get report of your earning on daily basis .

How to use :

  • First of all go to google and search for Adcash then you have to go to site after that register there as a publisher
  • Now Add your site to adcash and then it will take some time to approve your site so wait some hours.
  • After getting approval simply create ad unit and paste these ad units to your post and website and start earning through your traffic.
Hope this article was helpful to you guys !!

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