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Top 3 Responsive templates for blogger

Hello guys , today I am going to tell you about some of the best template for bloggers as per my opinion. 
Templates are very important for your blogger appearance so you must choose the best template for your blog from the below list.
Note : all image and links credit goes to : Free design web 

Sara Ribon :- 

  • It is one of my favorite template and is designed for modern blogger with new design and features 
  • It is going to provide you definitely a good traffic 
  • great for your personal blog

 Image result for demoImage result for download

Isimple :-

  • Although it is very very simple template but attracts many people to your blog
  • This is best for professional blog or any other blog
  • It provides great feel to users on your site

                       Image result for download

Automax :-

  • Great for fashionable or lifestyle blog
  • Full control over your blog layout
  • It is balanced properly and suits to all types of blog
  • combination of clean design and pro interface
Image result for demo   Image result for download
These were the top 3 templates for blog that can be beneficial to your blogs.!!!

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