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How to get views on a new Blog

Hey guys…
Today we are going to know that how could we easily get views to our blog which is the most difficult challenge for a new blogger because they don’t know much about how to rank site or how to get views so today I am going to share some tips with you guys so read the article carefully.

Tips :-

  • Have patience : For a new blogger most important thing is that they must have patience because many of new bloggers leave their blog within a month or sometimes within a week , They thought that it is not possible to get views on the blog as they don’t know that blog takes time to get ranked , So patience is very important for all bloggers.

  • Share your posts : For new blog , getting views is very difficult so they can share their post on sites like where many people will visit your blog if your topic and content is genuine.

  • Genuine content : Many blogger think that they will get more views when they will copy articles from other sites but in reality they exactly opposite happens , they get no views as their content is not genuine so your content must be unique and genuine.

  • Google console : Submit your blog or site to google console that means now your site will be in google searches else your site will be never be shown in google search most of the time.

  • Regular : Post articles regularly at a fix interval , this will help your visitore to know that when are you going to post the next article and also going to give a good impression to users.
Follow these points to get views !!!

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