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Event blogging – Very dangerous

Before we know that how event blogging is dangerous , we must know what is event blogging.
Event blogging :  Basically it is a method where you can earn more by doing less work for a specific period of time .For example , You created a Happy New year site during period of new year so there you have high chances to get more traffic and earnings.
Why Event blogging dangerous :-

Guys I am not saying that Event blogging is illegal to do but there are many people who got blind to earn great profit from these types of blog and do illegal activity and scams with people for some money.
Today I will share a story of a Indian blogger who got arrested by police because of his event blog so read the story carefully/
Story begins….
He was a engineering student with great passion in software field , after completing his graduation he got interested in blogs and websites. After getting a good amount of knowledge about sites and blogs he thoughts to get some profit from his blogs.
So to earn money he created a event blog in the name of government telling everyone that youths are getting laptops for free from the Indian government that was a very big scam.
Although he was able to earn a great amount of money but … Cyber security caught him doing scams with people and arrested him.
So this was a story of a event blogger who tried to earn money from illegal activity , so if you wanna earn money then earn it with your passion and hard work not by scamming and doing illegal activities. 

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