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Adsense new approval policy in 2019 for bloggers

With the coming of 2019 , new policy for approval for bloggers with adsense had also come . So let us take a look at this new policy.
If you are a blogger , then you may got your adsense approval for blogs with free domain like .blogspot or .tk or .ml , etc but now you guys will not get any more approval to your blogs with free domains, now you all have to get a paid domain that are .com or .in or .org , etc.
Now all bloggers have to invest on their blog (approx 8$ ) for approval with adsense else you will not get approval anymore with adsense that means if you guys are really serious about blogger then you can invest 8 $ that is not a big deal .
This policy in my opinion is very good as it decreases bloggers with not much interest in blogging and hence your blog will rank and you guys can generate good revenue from it so comment if you agree with my opinions and ask question if you have any problem with this article.
With this new policy many people started working on alternatives of adsense because they were not serious about adsense and this was the main reason because of which adsense brought this new policy so that only serious bloggers stay in the competition.
Now you guys will find mostly high quality blog as only high quality blogs are left because of this new policy and hence revenue also increases.

Should we invest or not ? 

So most important thing is that should we invest or not not , but …. before telling this thing let me tell you one thing important that if you guys are determined and very very serious then only you must invest your time and money both will be wasted.
If you don’t have this much budget and not confident that you will get approval or not then don’t invest but if you are confident about approval then you can invest on it.
So we come to a conclusion that adsense approval depends on your creativity , confident and determination. 
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