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How to get sponsorship on Youtube for both Small and Big youtubers

Hello guys today I am gonna tell you guys that how you all can get sponsorship easily without much subscribers , If you really wants to get sponsorship then read this article carefully . In this post I will also tell that how a big youtuber gets sponsorship that will also hell you guys a lot.
But first of all you must know that why someone will sponsorship you , the reason behind this fact is that they wants audience for their products that means if you get daily 1k views then it will be pretty easy for you to get the sponsorship so you must not look for subscribers , you must be looking for views because sponsorship is given to channel with views not just with subscribers . I am not saying that subscribers does not matter , it does matter but your subscribers should be active , then only you will get sponsorship now I will also tell you guys that how Big youtubers get sponsorship.

How big youtubers get sponsorship :-

If I tell you the reality of youtube then you guys may feel bad because on youtube big youtubers does not have yo contact to sponsors infact sponsors contact youtubers because of their views and fan following but don’t worry , small youtubers can also get sponsorship that I am going to tell you next. What these youtubers just have to do is that provide their contact in about tab of their channel and sponsors contact them for promotion of their products.

How to get sponsorship as a small youtubers :-

It is not very easy to get sponsorship for a small youtuber but if you all are going to follow my trick then you will get it very easily.
This is true that no one will sponsor you by giving product but some may give their applications website or something else to promote for this you must be very active what you all have to do is that simply open play store and search for application with very few download almost -100 or no download and then find the contact of the developer and contact them that you guys wants to promote their application.
If you guys will contact 100 sponsors , it is possible that out of 100 , 20 may give you sponsorship so try to contact as much sponsors you can.
Now very important thing is that if you are not having big channel then don’t ask for much money what they say just accept, then they will definitely give you sponsorship.
One more thing is that , in this type of sponsorship you have to do pretty good bargaining then only you would be able to get some profit by this sponsorship.

Hope this article would be very helpful to all of you!!

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