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Why to choose AMP template in blogger

Guys if you are a blogger then it is very important for you to use perfect template for your blog , so today I am going to tell you why to use AMP template for your blog.

Before telling you the reason you must know what is AMP template  , To know much about AMP template simply click this link because I have explained you here about these types of templates : Know more about AMP template.

Now let me tell you why to use AMP template , guys if you all wants to rank your site then your site must have a good user experience for that you all need templates that works very fast that is what AMP template does, increases speed of your blog or site.

ot only it is good for its speed but it also give a professional look to your site and hence gets a good traffic to your blog or site and your blog can be easily ranked.

Therefore now days AMP template are using by many bloggers as it gives a good look , provides traffic and thus a good user experience leading to good ranking to your site.

If you guys wants to know which is the best template to be used for your blog then you may comment I will bring that article with a week or have any problem with this article just comment.

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