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What is Paytm Lifafa ??

Friends this post is only for Paytm users in which I am going to tell You all that what is basically Paytm Lifafa , so let me tell you about this topic in some detail.If you are a Paytm user then you may know that what is paytm lifafa and what is its uses but if you are a non paytm user then you may don’t know what is paytm Lifafa.

Lifafa is basically a feature in paytm by which you all can sen money to Your friends in a Electronic lifafa just like the image above , your friend opens it and they get money as a reward.

Paytm lifafa is used for Sending wishes to their families or friends by giving them money through this lifafa , used by many. It is pretty good method to wish someone hence everyone like follow this modern method.

Hope that you all understand this article.

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