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How to get more views on your Youtube videos

Guys if you all are new on youtube then you all must be facing the problem of not getting much viwe on your videos , so today I am going to give You tips on how to get more views on your youtube videos easily so read this article carefully.

Follow the tips given below :-

  • Guys first of all you must search for those topics that are right now trending and everyone is searching for that topic , if you do this your video may get viral soon.
  • Now if your channel is new then you must make videos on topics on which their are very less videos so that your videos can be ranked.
  • Guys you all so need some audience that are active subscribers for that your video quality must be very good so always try to improve your video quality as this will give a good impression to your viewers.
  • You should make very attractive thumbnail , for this there are many application the one which is use is pixel lab , For thumbnail you all must use yellow color because it very attracting.
  • You must use ranked tags so that your video can be ranked.
Hope you understand this article!!!

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