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How to fix lag in PUBG mobile 

How to fix lag in PUBG mobile
How to fix lag in PUBG mobile

Hello friends today I am gonna tell you all how to fix lags in pubg mobile so that you can play your game easily without any issue , hope you will read this article carefully so lets start without wasting any more timing.

First for all you guys must know why game is lagging in your device , it may be because your device is not much powerful or you have to yet scan your device since many times . First step that you guys need to do is that have a powerful device and scan your devices after this follow the next step that is most important and the main problem of many users so just follow the next step.

If you have a powerful device but still it lags then it is sure that your ping is high that is nothing but it tells that your internet connection is bad , If high ping is there then your connection is weak and if it is low then your connection is good. If you are facing problem of high ping then it is pretty simple to solve this problem.

Solve High Ping issue

For solving the problem of high ping , You must use wifi but if you are not able to do this then you must share data of your friends by using hotspot and this is not a joke this really helps in decreasing ping and you guys must try these things.

These were some of the problem and their solution , Hope  this will help you to play your game smoothly without and lag issue.

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