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How to change your voice in PC

It is pretty simple to change your voice in your pc or laptop , you all wants to change your voice for some fun or wants to do pranks with your friends so here is the solution on how to change your voice

To change your voice in your PC what you all need is just a simple software that you all can download it from here : Click to download , this software (clownfish) is used by many for changing their voice in their pc or laptop.

After downloading it from the link given just open and install this software that is pretty simple , as you all have installed it correctly simply just open this software.

Now something important to do , after you opened this software , you will see icon of this software on the right bottom side of your pc as shown below.

Now simply right click on this icon and just click on the turn on option , then this software will start and you will find that your voice has been changed. You can also change the type of your voice in this software .

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